A Good Week for Eating

I haven’t done enough to keep track of some of the excellent meals I am experiencing. My life is blessed and I should recognize that more deliberately. So this is what I hope is sort of a weekly wrap-up of some good meals as they pass by.

The feature picture is from yesterday’s lunch as well as the first one here. There is an excellent Vietnamese Pho restaurant near our office. My excellent colleague and I, Prachi, try to slip out on Friday’s for a bowl. As she said, it is truly soul food. As good of Pho as I have ever had.

A nice treat for a mid-day break after a long week. And Prachi always lets me vent without giving me too much grief–so a good meal shared with a good friend is a blessing.

The pasta was actually a left over dish from a few weeks back. I had made a lovely cream and Asiago sauce with penne, chicken, shrimp, shallots and peas. I had too much so put a bowl in the freezer. On Wednesday I resurrected it with a little more cream and it was perfect with a white burgundy.

Last night, for FNM, I went with my traditional steak. This was a bone-in ribeye from the excellent butchers down the street. I had it with fries and steamed broccoli and of course wine. I was too tired to go sit outside with whiskey and cigar so just went to bed early. Big Friday night…but no complaints.



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