Anyone who knows me at all, knows MYO. They know it is my greatest passion. My greatest inspiration. My greatest love.

It is the only meaningful thing I have done in this life. If nothing else, I know with 100% certainty that our efforts over the years have helped hundreds of children find a path from the oppressive conditions of an impoverished township to something better. To the enlightenment that comes with reading and a good education and a quest for knowledge and perpetual learning. And the opportunity for a life better than the one they might have otherwise lived.

It has always truly been a privilege to work on their behalf.


In 2007, I published a narrative about the year I spent working in the education system of a tiny village in the middle of the Namib Desert. I remain proud of the work, in spite of its flaws.

The book, Silicon Valley to Southern Africa, was published by the famed Pirate Press & Publishing Arrgg!  A nomadic, boutique publishing house whose ambitions are overshadowed by their desire to experience firsthand research about pubs, speakeasys, and shebeens around the globe.

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