National Martini Day Week

Well, I am embarrassed. I did not even know there was a National Martini Day. I found out from someone who does not (presumably) maintain a website devoted to our favorite drink. But now I know. It is on my radar.

And the Martinitime fans stepped to the plate this week.

This week’s contributors included my Martini Hero Lynn (Monday, Wednesday and two on Friday). Seriously. She is super cool and amazing. I also got a nice martini submission from my excellent friend Jo in Couer d’Alene, Jennifer sent in a lovely wine shot after work on Friday and Sjoerd, inexplicably, sent a photo of him and Bear at The Royal Taste.

Overally, a good week for the ole MartiniTime blog and contributors. At this pace I will get up to tens of contributors in another few decades.

Lynn – Monday night at Capital Grille
Lynn – National Martini Day at home
Sjoerd and the Bear at their Friday Night home away from home in Amsterdam
Jo – jalapeno stuffed olives in vodka martini after a long week of putting criminals in jail
Lynn – FNM #2 at Cleveland Downtown Marriott
Lynn – FNM #1 at Cleveland Downtown Marriott
Jennifer – A much deserved cold glass after a long week
My National Martini Day celebration at my local
MY FNM this week
And a good smoke

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