LUXE Kitchen and Lounge – Cleveland OH

I chose the place primarily for location. Luxe is located on the trendy and hip Detroit Avenue, but is sort of between East and West. This made it approximately mid-point for Lisa and I coming from opposite directions.

Cool place. Low key atmosphere in an old-school setting. Our bartender, Michael Scott, turned out to have done some time in Pocatello, so we had some mutual friends. And he knew his way around the bar, which pleased us.

So, nice night out on the town in Cleveland. I had a Hendricks, up, with a twist and Lisa had a Ketel-One dirty martini. Then we had another. For appetizers, we had stuffed and baked jalapenos and some excellent croquettes.

We had a lot of laughs with the bartender and a few patrons. It’s an upcoming part of town with some nice outdoor spaces that will be fun once the weather warms a bit.

No inputs from the field this week. So maybe my friends have gone dry on me.

Good kick off to the newly re-located FNM club to Cleveland area.

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