1st FNM @ Home in Cleveland

First martini in the new place. I wanted a quiet Friday night at home.

No pesky dog following me around. No need to stop every once in a while and scratch her belly or behind the ears. No need to share a piece of cheese or a bit of protein. No need to tell stories and jokes to someone who never talked back. She’ll not be missed.

So without the little black dog, I made a Tito’s with a drop of Lille Blanc. I had some cashews for a starter and later made country style ribs with a nice tangy hot sauce and roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic.

It’s a good house and I think I will be happy here. Just need to get through these next few weeks and adjust to things. But it will come.

I got in a quick short hike on a sunny day along the lake and got this picture of Cleveland off in the distance.

Multiple field entries this week. Nice to see the Friday Night Martini crowd growing 🙂

Picture #1 comes from Merriman’s in Kauak Hawaii, courtesy of FNM’er Lynn. Next is my home martini followed by sister Terri in her inspired glassware. Finally, from south Ohio, Greg Hamilton sent in a nice Stout. A good turnout this week.

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