Marching along….

“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”

Nelson Mandela

Things have been a bit like a whirlwind since the move. Two weeks in and house is now close to prime time. Or at least as good as it will be in the short term. A few projects for consideration in the longer term. Once the weather warms a bit, I will deal with the garage and outside areas. But for now it is livable and that is a relief.

Last weekend Lisa and I had a nice Saturday night out to visit with Michelle Obama along with 4998 others. Lisa’s birthday present to me. It was cool. A smart, hip, funny, humble woman with a good story to tell about how a lower middle class woman of color went from south side of Chicago to Princeton, Harvard and the White House and now beyond. Also a good reason to trot out the red and black silk jacket from Presidential Shirt company. I had to run out to the bathroom and grabbed this photo of most of the staff watching the show.

So far Cleveland is sort of unremarkable. Not unlike Cincinnati in many ways. Just another old Midwestern city with a heritage of manufacturing and deep immigrant histories now looking for their new identity in the post manufacturing world. But of course there is fun to be had if one knows where to look. Eventually I will make it to the museums, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just down the road. Weather has been typical early spring. Snowing and cold one day followed by warmish the next. I snapped a photo Friday from TRW office of Cleveland Clinic and it was snowing. And one yesterday from the house and it was sunny and 50 degrees.

Work is good. Challenging and busy but not overwhelming. It has been a welcome distraction as I still find the house a little odd without a little dog following me around. The little dog I should say.

in unpacking, I find I take some time to reflect on certain items. Some things I wonder why I still have after all these years; others bring a smile or a fond memory. I keep a book on my desk called ‘Woe is I’. It’s a grammar and word usage guide. Very useful. I got a copy all the way back around 1997 when a friend and colleague recommended it. We were both working for The 2020 Group and at that time we were doing a lot of writing and teaching. I have referred to it many times over the years and there it sits.

I received an amazing birthday note from Carla. It’s a pdf of cards I have sent her over the years—front and back. Pretty cool. Would be great to have them printed and framed, so I need to think about that.

Today is my nephew Shane’s birthday if Facebook can be trusted. So I’ve included a photo of him from a few years back. A good lad. Fine drinker and occasionally funny.

No other news of note.



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