Bluesy Sunday

Cold and snowy Sunday. In Columbus but leaving soon for Cleveland. It was a 2nd difficult night of sleeping. Friday night because Mandela was stiff and sore and kept trying her best to switch positions to get comfortable, so we were both up much of the night. Last night I struggled because Mandela was not there at all. I know there is a process that must play itself out before I will start to adjust to this new reality and to forgive myself for all real and imagined ways I may have fallen short as a dog partner.

I got up early and packed a bit of the garage and basement. House is 98% packed and ready for the movers now. I suppose waking in that environment, with boxes everywhere and a house bare and start, contributes to a somber mood. That and snow in March and living between homes and so recently dogless.

But the other side I suppose is that it is a day of new beginnings. I should close this week completely moved to a new home in a new city that needs exploring and written about. And while I will suffer some loneliness of not having Mandela to help me explore, being dogless comes with some freedoms of movement and calendar. So I must keep perspectives in their proper place. And make do. And be positive and remind myself frequently how fortunate I am to have enough brain cells knocking together to maintain employment and have money enough to play hard.

A couple of nice evenings to brag about this week. Friday was an unbelievably great dinner at mom’s table. Fried chicken, churro beans, roasted potatoes, biscuits and asparagus. Cherry pie for dessert. Drinks with the family before and after.

Saturday, Sukanti and Pete threw a little dinner party as a way of saying goodbye to me in Columbus. It was Sukanti, Pete, Ram, Caitilyn, Stephanie, Chad, Priyanka and Swati. Plus little Brody and Soni. Sukanti is a terrific cook and we had some good spicy Indian chicken and tofu plus lots of snacks and appetizers. Of course drinks.

Soni and Brody were running around and having fun. Both really great kids. It was great to hear the laughter of the kids and be around their positive energy.

Off and running now to start the week anew.


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