Friday March 1, 2019 – Somerset, OH (Rathskeller)

As martini weeks go, this week was pretty good. On Wednesday I met a great new martini-sister in Lynn. She was having dinner with her daughter and drinking a martini. When I sat down and ordered a vodka, a conversation began. It ended with a new dedicated follower of Martini Time and also a plan to get some martini visits scheduled in Cleveland area.

On Friday, the Sibs and I hit Rathskeller for a hilarious few minutes to get a quick martini at that cool basement pub. Hilarious because they are a new bar with a staff that knows primarily how to open a PBR and pour a shot of bourbon. So we coached them through some martini recipes and we knocked one back. Tito’s all; mine was virgin but the others had theirs dirty.

Lynn, participating remotely, sent through her submission from Fire @ Shaker Square. And then, came back on Saturday with a ‘smoked’ Hot and dirty martini at the Ritz Carlton. She is proving to be a serious martini gal and a welcome addition to the team.

My excellent new Martini-Sister Lynn.
Rathskeller on a Friday Night Martini Run with the usual suspects sans Terri
Lynn’s Saturday night submission. The Smoked Hot and Dirty at the Ritz.
A beautiful vodka martini from Fire @ Shaker Square – submitted by Lynn


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