August 19 – 27, 2018 – Amalfi & Capri, Italy

This trip was punctuated primarily by 3 elements. First, the fact that I was able to travel with some of my closest friends in the world and two of my sisters. Next by the remarkable natural beauty of this part of the world and third by the amazing food and wine. It was a lovely trip by any measure.

I have provided context from my point of view in the ‘Musing‘ section with several posts about specific days and events. I did not capture anywhere near all the great times, but did not want the pressure of playing journalist full time. We had an amazing day on a chartered boat but I have not set down those words out of laziness. But it was a beautiful day split by an amazing lunch and a couple of nice swims in the ocean. But mostly the story can be told in the pictures.

We had far too many great meals to call out individually. Many of the photos here are around a table, but I have captured many of the images of food and meals in the ‘Meals‘ section.

First, the players from the trip. Then, a bonus treat for my 8 or 10 followers. I dug up some photos from my first visit to this area. These are from around 32 years ago and I was probably 22 or 23.

At the bottom are two videos where I tried to capture the general spirit of the nightclub on Capri where we celebrated Sjoerd’s birthday.

Sjoerd ‘Papa’
Yoko ‘Onah’
My beautiful sister Terri
My also beautiful sister Shannon
My lovely friend from Paris Laetitia

On Capri with Casual Jeff Beckman (drinking the beer) ~1985
In Rome with Jeff Beckman and Shawn Thrush. I don’t know the other guys and the girls were just friends we made along the way
From the top of Vatican ~1985

Mark Dietrich is second from left, then Jeff Beckman and me on the far right (sitting)
Early morning on the patio at our hotel in Rome


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