Friday August 17, 2018 – Amalfi, Italy

A banner night. A long day. I may have lost my composure just a little bit on this night while waiting to get my martini. We had a hectic day of meeting up at the airport and then meeting Sjoerd and Onah at another small town and finally the drive over the mountain to Amalfi coast. We had to carry our suitcases down a mountainside trek and get sorted and settled in the house. We then drove up to Amalfi square for dinner and it took many minutes to park the car in this very tiny little town.

By the time I got in the restaurant and the waiters began ignoring us I was getting a little shaky from lack of alcohol. So Onah was kind enough to hunt down a waiter, explain to him what a martini was, coach the mixing and pouring and glassware and finally I was delivered my beloved FNM. Not my proudest moment for sure, but I recovered quickly once things were in order.

No idea what vodka this was, but they were local unpitted olives and given the friends that surrounded me and the view over the Mediterranean and Amalfi hillside, it was heavenly.

Pictures of the meal and experience are in ‘Meandering‘ section.


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