Thursday August 16 – CMH > DTW > CDG > NAP

As always when working, the build-up to the trip and final prep was hectic. Larry and Terri came to my house for dinner last night; Larry made bolognese and we had wine and drinks of course. I got home from work around 6:30 and would probably have gone straight to bed if they had not been there. I was up very early every morning this week to get my budget in before I left. I took a few con calls this morning until 10:30 and then picked up my dry cleaning, packed, and we headed for the airport. Shannon met us at my house and we Ubered to CMH. Delta stung Terri and Shannon for an extra $240 for their bags. The old Delta motto ‘We’re not happy til you’re not happy’, seems apropos. They know they have us by the balls and so can nickel and dime us to death and know we have few options. Just after we finished checking in, I realized because I am Diamond I get 3 bags for free and so could have saved them some money but it was too late. We will claw a little back on the way home.

Anyway, travel is always a huge hassle. Maybe just a little more so on Delta.

We had a little food at the airport and a couple of drinks and they went to their flight and I headed for mine. We will meet up in Paris along with Laetitia and then the final leg to Naples where Sjoerd and Onah will be waiting for us. Carla will join us on Sunday morning.

Airport drinks

When I get back I intend to start building the next generation of my camper experiment. I think I have the design pretty well fleshed out in my head; all I have to do now is build the damn thing.

We met up with Latetia at Charles De Gaule for our final leg to Naples

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