Friday August 17, 2018 – Naples airport

Nothing like lost luggage to start a trip. My bags made the connections, but Shannon and Terri’s have gone missing. Delta is telling me they are in Paris but Air France managed the flight and Delta has disavowed themselves of all responsibility for the luggage. Funny how they tout the benefits of their very tight partnerships, right up until something goes sideways and then they start pointing fingers and stepping away from the problem.

We have been standing in the lost luggage line here at Naples airport now for an hour and the line has moved 4 people. We are still 6 people back. Sjoerd and Onah went on down the road to find a place to have a drink and relax while we sort this nonsense out. Italians, in their pace and intensity of work and issue resolution, are a bit like Africans or South Americans. There simply is no urgency to resolve matters even when your customers are being massively inconvenienced. So they are plodding along, averaging 15 minutes to take every person’s lost luggage information and give them the phone number to call where they will also not give you any helpful information.

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