Friday August 10, Columbus, OH – Home

And what a lovely cap to a long week. Long hours and too much brain power going out to work related activities and not enough on personal projects like campers and writing and reading and personal relationships. But what are we to do. Keep on keeping on. Anyway, I was too tired to get out to a bar and anyway I wanted a little quiet time with the hound, since we will be apart for the next few weeks. She will be staying with Ed-n-Rita while I am in Italy partying and carrying on.

I gave the dog sitter the day off and so came home around 2:00 and worked from here until 5:00. Then sat outside and read Mark Twain and had a martini and then a glass of wine before cooking a lovely dinner of roasted chicken thighs with mashed potatoes, gravy and fresh corn. Felt like a comfort meal night.

But we also had some excellent entries from the field this day. Onah, having a glass and food with her lovely friends in Amsterdam. Sjoerd, was somewhere up north, mascarading as a pirate for a day and enjoying the spoils of high adventure on the seas. And Laetitia, speeding across France en route to Cognac on the high speed rail, enjoying a lovely drink and a terrific sunset at 300kph. And my beautiful, crazy sisters who came to the city to shop and have a drink and some food with me. We had a terrible meal at Brio–but a lovely night just the same.


1 thought on “Friday August 10, Columbus, OH – Home

  1. That’s a good looking martini my friend!


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