Saturday May 25, 2018 – Somerset

Long day in the hot sun with everyone working their asses off. But as always, we followed with a beautiful meal. Salad, steaks, roasted potatoes, garlic toast, roasted corn and asparagus. Lots of drinks and camaraderie.

Larry, Rob, Terri, Shannon, Trent, Rick, Shooter and Mandela. As usual, Trent’s a ghost–he is always off rebuilding something or fixing something and never present enough to get a photo. Really great evening though.

When I opened Senang, this is the type of experience I was trying to capture. Long, slowly-drawn out meals with great conversation, food, and drinks. A real celebration of the beauty of life in its most pure form–the bonding over items of sustenance.

No idea why there would be a bottle of coke in this scene. Mixer?

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