Saturday May 25, 2018 – Somerset

Some time ago, we had agreed purchase a new headstone for Uncle Bobby’s grave. It has been sitting in Terri’s shop for the past few months and a spontaneous decision was taken to get it mounted by Memorial Day. So Saturday, we all set about doing our bit. Larry and I collected materials and dug the foundation hole and mixed and poured concrete. Terri hustled in the flower shop for Memorial Day orders and Shannon ran flower deliveries all over the county. She also brought us lunch and tea and later her and Trent put about 100 bags of mulch in the flower beds at her house–an annual tradition.

Later, we followed with a large and amazing meal which Larry finished off at the grill in an intense summer downpour with me holding an umbrella over him (and the steaks).

Few people have as much fun together as we all do when we are hanging out. I DJ’d the shit out of the scene while we all chipped in on food prep and making drinks.

Photos of the day below and the meal here.

The sign at the entrance to the St. Joseph cemetery
Larry is our Safety Office. Notice the steel-toed boots, eye protection and gloves

The artist at her easel

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