Sunday May 20, 2018 – John Bryan Park – Yellow Springs, OH

Very nice day. I met up with my long lost friend Tina MacVeigh for a hike and lunch. She lives in Cincinnati, so we met in Yellow Springs, which is very nearly half-way between for us both.

Tina and I worked together at Siebel; long long ago. We figured it has been around 15 years since we last saw one another. We were good friends pretty much from the time we met somewhere around 1996. Then I quit Siebel and moved to Africa and she went on to great corporate adventures and to raise a family. But now that I am back in the area, we decided it was time to get together and catch up. So we did.

Lovely day. Weather was sunny and around 78 degrees or thereabouts. We met at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve trailhead and took a very slow meander over about a beautiful 4-mile stretch. We should have been keeping an eye out for mushrooms, but were wrapped up talking.

Mandela, as usual, made some new friends and was very popular.

Now, back home, just sitting on the deck. Reading a bit; listening to Chris Rea and will get a little reading done soon. Dinner with Monique tonight and new job tomorrow.

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