May 18, 2018 – Brazenhead, Dublin OH

On my last day at Cardinal, a few colleagues and I disappeared early for a cocktails. And of course, I had to start with a FNM.

We had several and enjoyed the evening.

Lovely group of people whom I will miss working with, but on to new projects and new colleagues.

And, in a couple of surprise entries from the field. Pam’s daughter Miranda treated her to a birthday bash in NYC and they sent in their contribution from big apple.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, relaxing in his backyard, is an entry for FNM from my nephew Shane.

Interesting, all these fields entries are sans actual human faces, so who really knows what’s going on, but here are the photos I received.

Pam and Miranda celebrating in NYC. Apparently.
Shane, totally relaxed on a Friday evening in the yuppish Avenue’s section of Salt Lake City.
Me and some of the crew from Cardinal. From left; Priyanka, Kiran, Rob, Sukanti and Amit.
Amit, Kiran, Casey, Ram, Priyanka, Rob

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