MYO Trip – April 2018 – Western Namibia

It was a good trip. As always, so great to see the kids. I feel an energy and vitality when I am in Namibia that is unmatched anywhere else. It’s a cliche, but I really feel alive there. Close to the earth and more real than in my bullshit corporate world.

The drive across the desert from Windhoek to the coast is always special. I’ve made this drive perhaps 50 times in the past 15 years. As always, we saw lots of baboons and warthogs but also a majestic horse standing, untethered, by the side of the road in the rain. And also goats, cattle and a jackal scurrying along a fence looking for a place to get through. Beverly drove, which is in itself a development. When I was trying to teach her to drive all those years ago, she could not master the automatic transmission. So she gave up trying for years and now she is an accomplished, if not distracted, driver. We have had lots of good long chats this past few days and on the 4 hour drive we had lots of time to talk even more. She is something. We have become good friends.

Swakopmund, like Windhoek, has grown. More hotels, more restaurants and shops and more tourists. I hope it translates in to more opportunities for the locals, but if so, it is likely just more low-wage service sector jobs. I have not driven through the industrial areas yet, but will have a look around tomorrow when I head out to Mondesa to see the kids.

After we arrived yesterday, I briefly chatted with Naazneen and Aneeka, but then headed to Napolitano for pizza and wine with Beverly, lovely little Ester and her 10-month old son Penda. Salmi was supposed to come but she only was able to get a hitch back to Windhoek yesterday, so we missed her.

It’s now Monday morning. Naaz had to take Aneeka to an event and so I came for breakfast and coffee. I bought a SIM card for my phone so I can communicate locally. I sent off a note to my boss—which was an annoyance. He is pushing me to take some sides in a little political struggle he has involved himself in. I deferred but did generally agree to the re-organization that is being proposed. Now I am just waiting on Beverly. She already had an appointment to show a house in Langstraadt. She is a hard worker.

This post will mostly be about pictures so here they are.

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