Sydney – April 2018

This is a country where prostitution is legal, but they just approved gay marriage a few months ago. Legal drinking age is 18. Alcoholism and drug abuse are big problems, but god forbid someone want to smoke a cigar. For a week now I have been trying to find a place to have a smoke and a drink. Impossible. I finally found a cigar bar, but when I went there on Sunday to smoke my nice Cohiba and have a drink, the place was closed for a private party.

Now, it is 8:15 am and I am sitting the lobby of our office building because the elevator will not let me go to our floor because no one is there yet. Apparently, until one of the key staff turn up and enable the elevator, it is impossible to get to our offices. I tried the stairs but the doors are locked from the inside.

So here I sit, hoping to get to be allowed to go to work sometime soon.

Otherwise a good weekend for the most part. Laid back and relaxing. Saturday I took a good long 5-hour walk around Sydney. I started at the hotel and crossed over the Harbour Bridge. Then walked up to Military road going through Kirribilli and Neutral Bay and finally got to Mosman. I stopped and had a coffee at one of the little cafe’s outside the building where I used to live. Then I continued down to the water, past Joe and Sheila’s old house on Holt, and to the ferry landing at Cremorne Point. I took the ferry to Circular Quay and then took a walk up around The Rocks and then finally back to the hotel.

Sydney is among the world’s most beautiful cities, for sure. But once you are here, you are very isolated. When I was living here, it was great for a year, but I was ready to go back home after that. It’s simply too damn far from family and friends. Going to Europe or US is a major ordeal and very costly.

I did have some lovely meals as well.

Anyway, here are a few images from the weekend.

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