April 6, 2018 – Swakopmund, Namibia

A very special FNM. For 15 years now, I have been coming to The Tug restaurant for drinks and dinner. It is over-priced and caters to tourists due to its amazing view of Atlantic sunsets and the rough African coastline. But it is a tradition I am unwilling to give up just yet. Interestingly, the same bartender has been working the bar for the entire time. Orlando. When I walked in last night he greeted me with a big hallo and came around to hug me after a Namibian handshake.

I ordered up my martini and thought of all the meals and drinks I have had here over the years. When I was living in Arandis, The Tug was my gift to myself once a week; my bit of normalcy while living in very different circumstances. I’ve brought dates here, donors, friends, acquaintances, relatives; but most of the time it has just been me. Sometimes reading, sometimes writing, sometimes chit-chatting with Orlando and sometimes turned with my back to the bar to watch the sunset and dream of sailing.

The Tug is a 10-minute walk from my friend Naaznee’s flat where I am staying; so after my one martini, I headed back to her place to cook steaks and have dinner with her and Aneeka. My last night here on this trip. We all hunkered down on the couch and watched a movie. Aneeka and I fell asleep immediately but Naaz was intrigued and I think mostly got through it.

I’m always very emotional when I am leaving Namibia.

A photo of Naaz and Aneeka from our dinner the night before when we were out with Mike and Vera.

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