Lake Erie and Dambreezy – Summer of 16′

When I returned to Ohio, I decided to indulge my inner pirate and bought the Dambreezy. Dambreezy is a 1989 Catalina 34. I saw it one weekend when Greg and I were up taking a refresher sailing course. And of course talked myself in to buying it. So in spring of 2016, I became a boat owner.

A classic impulse buy. A quick inspection and survey and everything checked out, so I bought it. Ultimately, while I had a hell of a lot of fun for one summer, I decided to sell Dambreezy after a year. Two main reasons. One, sailing on Lake Erie is not at all like sailing on the ocean. There were many weekends we went up and there simply was no wind. So sometimes we would motor out to one of the islands, but that is not sailing. Other times just hang out tied up to the pier.

Two, having a boat or second home a few hours away tends to make one want to be there every weekend. Which means I was not biking, or hiking or spending time with my family.  Also, on the lake, if you leave your boat idle for more than a couple of weeks, the spiders will completely move in and kick you out. Having a boat is a full on experience and requires total commitment and I had too many other things going on.

So, overall a good experience and no regrets, but just was not my scene. Maybe another day in another place, but for now I have hung my captain’s hat up for a bit.

But some photos to remember the times.

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