Amsterdam – April 2017

The original Orange Fever crew gathered in Amsterdam for King’s Day. It was the first KD experience for a few, and a memorable one. OFC consisted of myself, Carla, Shannon, Terri, Sjoerd and Onah. A very high percentage of my favorite people on the planet in one of my favorite cities on the planet.

It’s nearly impossible not to have fun in Amsterdam any time; but when the OFC gets together and it’s King’s Day, well, of course crazy shit is going to happen.

The American’s arrived early Thursday morning and we stayed until Monday. Sjoerd and Onah, as always, were the most gracious of hosts.

Stories are too many to mention and I may come back and add some context later, but for now, it is about the pictures of the crew and the picture perfect Amsterdam. We wore the traditional orange on King’s Day so we fit in and were undetectable as tourists.


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