Black Dog Ridge

I happened to drive by a little tract of land in Greenbrier Valley that I found immensely appealing. And there was no way to leave without figuring out a way to get that property for my new weekend getaway spot.

And so it shall be.

Actually, I sort of targeted this piece of paradise while searching through thousands of postings on small parcels near water and/or mountains in Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Northern New York, Ohio and West Virginia.

Friday afternoon I packed up my road bike and my mountain bike and drove to Lewisburg West Virginia. I slipped in a quick ride on the river trail and the next morning I met the realtor. She wanted to show me a few other places but I already knew why I was there. But I indulged her. I simply needed to confirm that that 18-acres I had my eye on was real and as advertised. And it is. And so I made the offer and it was accepted and within a few weeks I will hand over a pile of money in return for their little cabin and land overlooking the Greenbrier River and the surrounding mountains.

This place is remote. 30 minutes or so from the nearest town of any size and up a steep dirt road. But it is well worth the effort of getting there.

I envision long days of writing and relaxing and reading and cooking and perhaps a few drinks now and again. Smoking cigars on the deck. Bocchi ball, horeseshoes. kayaking, canoes, fishing.

I need to set up a little LLC in West Virgina for optimum status–so had to find a name. BDR LLC seems right. A little tribute to my fine friend who passed through my life for 14 years.

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