Scooter Pub Crawls

Being back in Idaho means meeting up with old friends. And meeting up with old friends, means getting out to some of the old haunts.

Friday Night Martini this week started on Thursday and ended Saturday night. And we had drinks at Carla’s house, Hooligans, Buddy’s, 1st National Bar, The Odyssey, Jakers (twice), and Shane and Tekoa’s.

We didn’t quite rage to the level of the old days, but we did pretty well.

Carla, Kelly, Henry, Dwight and I started at Hooligan’s on Thursday night. They are the local rugby bar and always a fun time. Carla was silly enough to ask if we should walk or ride scooters. So ride we did.

It was really good to hang with Kelly and Henry too–it’s been awhile. And Dwight. And Mark Smith. And Jose and Lucas. A whole bunch of people I love.

After dinner at Buddy’s, we moseyed down to the 1st National Bar for shots of Old Crow. Because that is one what does at the Nash. A surprisingly good local band was playing. It felt remarkably familiar for something I only do every 5 years or so now. But back in the day–my god. We stomped on the Terra. I bartender at the Nash for a few years. Kelly and Carla’s dad used to be one of the owners. We put some hard time in at that place, on both sides of the bar.

Carla and I walked through the long tunnel on the way home and made a final stop at The Odyssey. Another old favorite.

Friday we were at Jakers. Lucas and Jose joined us and we had dinner and martini’s. Of course.

Saturday drinks were at Shane and Tekoa’s along with Katie and Cody. Lovely to see them and to reminisce about the good ole days at rugby tournament and camping in the mountains, and long road trips to Montana and Washington and weekends at the cabin in Lava.

These are all my family and this weekend I felt at home.

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