Good FNM. Back in Columbus for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. Brittany and I met up with her friend Jeff and his wife Alex at Martini downtown. The last time I was there I was almost kicked out for fighting with a couple of women who were gloating about Donald Trump beating Hillary in the election. They were evil and I was in no mood for their stupid Trump-loving bullshit. 

But this time was a much better experience. We had martini’s and a nice meal with a couple of good bottles of wine. After, Brittany and I had a nightcap at Fado. 

Saturday we drove out to farm country and had a late lunch with my family at EpicErie. Brittany had made some cupcakes for Shannon for a party she was having and we also left a few samples for Terri and Larry to try. We hung out there, had a couple of bottles of really nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, and then met up with Ashley at Fado for a boatload of Vodka’s. Ashley joined us for a bit which was nice because I had not seen her for many months.

Then, out to the house of a friend of Brittany’s for pizza and wine. Sunday I got home in time for a nice meal and a smoke.

I managed to squeeze in a nice cigar at Fado’s on Saturday while Brittany was at a virtual conference. Then, Sunday night, it was cool and rainy but I had a nice relax in the garage with motorcycles and boats.

The tequila reference and picture is from my friend Taylor. She and her man hosted a tequila tasting event at their house on Saturday. They blind tasted 21 tequila’s and at the end, whoever was still standing got to declare the winner.

Great FNM and all around weekend. No regrets and no complaints.

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