Pops….In the house

Turns out an older, distinguished, gentle, male canine was looking for a home-share in his later years. And it dawned on me that i had some extra space. So, a negotiation ensued and agreements were met and Pops moved in. I provided a few furnishings to make him feel comfortable.

He’s laid-back. & easy-going. Like me. Hardly know he’s there, although he will occasionally come up and put his head up to my knee to remind me. But no bother. We take a few walks together each day.

The new year is underway. COVID still has us by the balls, but rumor is that vaccinations are being administered and we will one day be free to mingle amongst one another again. Imagine how those things we once took for granted, simple things like being able to see someone’s face, share space, breathe air in the vicinity of others, will be returned to us. And sitting next to someone at the bar–we used to complain about that lack of privacy and now we would welcome it. Being out and about. Being human and embracing the community that has allowed us to survive and thrive.

19 more days of Trump being president. It is a mistake to forget how much damage he could do in those 19 days–his being a lunatic and all. And I am sure he will try. He does not have the ability or inclination to try to do something positive to help someone–unless it can somehow shine favorably on him. So we will prepare for more pardons and exonerations and executive orders and general chaos. But the clock will tick and he will need to go back to his lair soon.

No other news of note on this January 1, 2021.

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