Ketel One Blues

Tough start to the year on the Friday Night Martini front.

Last week I had a single Grey Goose on the rocks with Prachi and Zach at City Creek Grille. I was feeling a little low from what I thought was a stomach bug but was actually the beginning a diverticulitis attack that put me in Hillcrest for a day and half. So tonight, it was Ketel One on the rocks and kept it to a single-double since I am on heavy antibiotics. I met Prachi at Building 6 (Winking Lizard) and she had a glass of wine and we both looked and felt like walking dead. She looked so tired I was sort of worried about her long drive home.

Afterwards, I came home, had a bowl of soup, and went to bed and slept 13 hours.

I was feeling so off on Friday that I forgot to snap a picture, so I posted one of happier times.

Terri is also sick, but she’s a trooper and summoned up the courage for a martini, which I’ve included below.

We’ll be back on track by next Friday.

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