Red, White and Grey

I decided to go with Grey Goose on the rocks. I had not had the Goose in a while and it seemed right. On the rocks because I was still in recovery from a pretty nasty stomach bug that had taken up residence in my gut for a few days and I somehow think vodka on the rocks is more medicinal than a standard martini. I actually book-ended the stomach ails with martini’s at City Creek Grille as I met my martini hero Lynn there on Tuesday night along with Prachi and Brian.

I was feeling pretty poorly around 4:00 when I got a text from Prachi that she and Zach were heading to CCG for a drink before calling it a week. As these things go, just that text sort of perked me up a bit and so I figured why not. It’s on the way home. Sort of. So I met up with a couple of my super star performers and it was a remarkably nice close to a difficult week at the factory. There is so much posturing and politics as we navigate through these difficult times that it is maddening. Most of the team is focusing on actual work and results, but a few are intent on protecting themselves at any cost and that causes disruptions and the occasional flare up and fist fight. Well, no fist fights yet, but it seems imminent.

Thankfully we have the therapeutic City Creek Grille just down the road.

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