Onah’s Kitchen

Sort of a  combined FNM this week. Late in the week, after 6 long days in London, I was ready for some drinks.

The British are not great at much–but they are really terrific at making Gin & Tonic’s. They have a huge variety of flavorful gins and take a lot of time to get the mix exactly right. They use very good Indian tonic and fresh fruits and vegetables to add additional flavor.

This was a British gin that I took on the recommendation of the bartender and I had it in the hotel bar at Rubens on Thursday night.

The feature picture is Onah and I, in her kitchen of course, having a gin & tonic.

The other pics are random shots from having drinks around town in Amsterdam–mostly The Royal Taste and The Grand and back at Sjoerd & Onah’s.

Great trip–as always.


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