Allegheny Madness

I had my martini, at the Willow Creek Campground, on schedule. Friday night around 6:00 or so. In Allegheny National Forest. A superb and relaxing weekend.

Trouble is, because I was camping. And because I had put in some good exercise on this morning. And because I was super relaxed and not working (technically), I tipped my first cocktail at 2:30, just after finishing a conference call for work.

So….I forgot to take a picture of my martini. And, I had forgotten my camp martini glass in any case–so I had icy cold Tito’s in a coffee cup with a few blue cheese olives. I’ve had a ruling on this in the past, and the judges came back verifying that this is still a martini, even though the glass is a little hillbilly and not exactly widely recognized in martini circles.

My judges are mostly hillbillies. But the ruling stands and my responsibilities for this FNM were fulfilled.

Since I had no picture of my martini, I dug through the archives and found some photos that were taken within a few days of this date, but in the past 5 or 6 years. Sort of a fun exercise and an excuse for my unprofessional journalistic and drunken behavior by not properly documenting this week. And a reminder that while I’ve had some fun, there are more adventures to be had and great Martini Friday’s await us still.

Fortunately, my martini-hero Lynn, continues to remain rock-steady and consistent. She sent through a magnificent photo which is included here as well (proper glass and all).

The feature picture I included because I mountain biked up my favorite trail in the world. Mill Creek, which runs from Teton Canyon up to Targhee ski area, on a Friday afternoon just before I left Idaho. This was on an amazingly warm late September day which is ironic because I think they got about a foot of snow yesterday.

Then a picture of Sjoerd and I outside The Royal in Amsterdam; my mom at my house in Victor ID with the dogs and finally a shot from salmon fishing in Alaska for the fall run of Silvers 4 or 5 years ago.



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