The New Standard

Seems I’ve found my local, after 5 months in Bratenhal.

The standard is friendly, has great food, and a beautiful outdoor deck. It meets the criteria.

And Salia and Lindsay take good care. Tonight it was Salia.

I met a couple of other new friends–Melanie and Kanela, but I did not get a photo. So they will not be made famous via my dozen or so followers.

A good night. I stayed until after midnight, chatting with Melanie, Kanela, Sayeed and Salia and the rest of the staff and even dancing a bit to the band. End of a long week so I took the time to relax. My martini was meant to be a Ketel One dry as the Namib Desert, but confusion arose and it was dirty. But I drank it and took the free one offered in compense.

On the way to the bar, riding my fine German touring bike, I passed an interesting yard sale of nothing but guitars.

Good night and a welcome addition to the martini diary.

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