Friday Night Martini on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. A first for me. And welcome.

But before I get into that, I need to just acknowledge my amazing martini friend Lynn. She weighed in with some beautiful drinks from Slovenia. It seems as if I may have to go to Slovenia one day soon to get into that martini action. Pictures below.

After a terrific motorcycle trip from my office in Beachwood to my hotel (Old Stone Inn), the martini was welcome. It was 100 degrees when I left at 4:30 and 82 when I landed in Canada. I doubled down on the martinis because the first one had not even settled before it was gone.

The feature pic is actually from Saturday night when Cindy and I had a terrific meal, but I had two very good martinis at the hotel bar after I arrived. Carlos, an actor, working as a bartender, did not disappoint. I first had a Sapphire Gimlet and followed with Hendricks with Olives.

I was the only one in that bar all night, which was odd, because it was a beautiful old-style bar. Food was good and service was excellent. So I chatted with Carlos and Maggie and had a nice evening.

And I found that Canada has some lovely wines, including the crisp Riesling pictured below. All around, a lovely meal after a great day of riding in the sun.

From Lynn’s Slovenia trip
From Lynn’s Slovenia trip – how beautiful is that?
From Lynn’s Slovenia trip

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