Independence Day Hangover

Not a drinking hangover–a fireworks and over-stimulation of Uncle Sam, Red, White & Blue, flags, and all the other nonsense associated with this day hangover.

I worked yesterday (July 4) and today. Yesterday, only one of the Oracle technical folks was in the office with me. Today it was just me. But I don’t mind. As previously noted, my blood is standard old red–not red, white and blue. Nationalism and Patriotism is not important to me in the least. Plus I got a lot of work done in the quiet office environment and traded yesterday for next Friday when I will be in San Francisco doing some day-drinking with old friends. So a good trade.

I did stop over at my neighbors yesterday and had some drinks and good food with them. I am all for drinks and good food and camaraderie.

It was another busy and long week–as we continue to implement our recovery plan.

I just rode the motorcycle down to my local tonight. Always a mediocre experience in company, service, and quality. But it is a mile from home, which sometimes carries the day.

Good martini though. It was welcome.

Lynn, my martini hero, weighed in from Turn Bar and Kitchen and Blue Point Grille. We need to catch up when we both done traveling. I am out next two weekends and she is off to Slovenia of all places.

I’ve asked her to document the martini environment in Slovenia for me. This being a martini blog and all.

Feature picture is the whiskey shelf in my excellent home bar.

This week’s Friday night submissions below.

Lynns Blue Point Grille Martini
Turn Bar and Kitchen – submitted by Lynn
My humble submission from Bratenhal Bistro


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