On the Eve of an Adventure

I’ve flown to Europe perhaps 75 times or so over the past 30 years. And it still feels like I am embarking on an adventure. The nomad spirit is strong in me I suppose. Tomorrow, off to London for a week for work, and then the requisite and always amazing weekend in Amsterdam with Sjoerd and Onah, and now their new dog Bear. Who, apparently, is the best dog ever to grace this world and has them both completely smitten and swooning like teenagers over their new family member.

I chose to stay home on this night. I’ve been fighting a sinus infection and decided to stay close and also needed to pack and get ready to be gone for 10 days. I had a Tangueray Bangpur gin martini with jalapeno olives, which I imagined would help the sinuses. I cooked a lovely rib-eye with grilled onions and mushrooms and read on the deck and enjoyed the quiet life I enthusiastically embrace. As these things go, it was a superb FNM experience.

I also had a glass of a complex and very satisfying white Bordeaux and then a split of my old staple, Louie Martini Cab. One of the first wines that truly turned me into a wino.

Finally, a trip to the whiskey cabinet for Dalmore and a cigar by the fire. Fucking aye.

Terri martini’d early and got her submission in before I was even out of the office. Larry and Shannon submitted from the lake and Lynn from Mexico. Shannon’s two dear grand-daughters were too cute in this photo not to be included from the weeks activities.

My patio has come alive. The owners before me did a beautiful job with the landscaping and now all the various plants and fauna are coming alive with true spring sunshine. It is glorious.

Martini #1 from Lynn

A superb photo of Sibs looking amazing and relaxed
Terri found her martini glass at last


And #2 from Lynn – She is a true martini affectionado





2 thoughts on “On the Eve of an Adventure

  1. Roberto, hope you are doing well. I’m slogging away writing a paper and I took a break to catch up on your blog. Interesting that the first article I read was about the Chat n Chew from years ago.
    Brooke and I were in Cabo in early May and went to Flora Farms. Must be a sign of some kind.
    I miss you dearly, hope you are doing well, and I hope your folks are good as well.

    Tell the family howdy from me, and let’s get together again soon!



    1. Hey Shawn – Very nice to see this note this morning. I would love to get out that way, but just not sure when. I was supposed to leave for namibia on Thursday but just had to cancel due to a bunch of work issues. You and Brooke are back in Boise now correct? Thanks for the good words friend. Keep well. Rob


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