Rugby, Mountains, & Ron Jeremy

Great trip to Maggotfest.

It was amazing to be back in the west. Seeing the mountains as I left Spokane airport felt like a physical event. I’ve always loved the dark green of these low mountains with wisps of clouds hanging about. Couer d’ Alene is as beautiful as ever and Eileen and I had a nice cold beer in the shade of a brewery patio before heading out. The drive from CDA to Missoula is overfilled with one amazing view after the other. Eileen and I had not seen one another for many years, so we caught up on all things. After getting checked in at the condo, we had a surprisingly good dinner at a local brewery and then a night cap at a rambunctious bar called Rhinoceros.

I rented a nice little condo in a historic building called The Wilma. There is some sort of theatre downstairs and we were walking distance to good downtown options for dinners and drinks. A good choice. Comfortable and friendly.

Dwight brought my little traveling Taylor guitar from Pocatello. A sweet little piece of wood and I am happy to have her back. She deserves better than me, but here she is.

It was terrific being around the rugby crew again. Rick and Sally, Gary and Annie, Greg and Julie, Frank and Elena, Dwight, Big Matt the Indian, Pat and Renee. There were more. Normal craziness of Maggotfest played out while we observed from the sidelines and reminisced.  Katie Carlson came with her man Cody. Whatever the silent test is that ensues when the amazing daughter of a fellow rugby player comes around with a man, Cody passed. I’ve known many that didn’t and we were bound by honor to intervene. That was not necessary this weekend.

I stayed off the pitch this year–still tending to the nagging leg injury that has so long tormented me. But it is slowly improving and I predict a few minutes of playing time next year.

A good weekend all in all. Very good. Was great to hang with Eileen, catch up with Rick Pukis and of course the rugby crew.


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