Mother’s Day with the Family

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my Angel Mother

                                                     Abraham Lincoln

For many years, I called mom from a bar in Darby Montana to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. It was always as we were heading back to Pocatello from Missoula, up over the pass and through Salmon ID after playing rugby at the Maggotfest. This year I will be at the Fest, but it has long moved to the weekend after Mother’s Day. So this year I was with mom and the rest of the family.

It was a nice, normal, casual family day. We played a little bocce in the back yard, but mostly just hung out and ate and drank. Larry grilled steaks for dinner along with skillet potatoes. I had made some smoked salmon and smoked chicken to try a new recipe, so we had those for snacks before dinner. Maureen joined us as she only left for home on Sunday morning. Yvonne made a nice dessert. It’s impossible to overstate how nice these family outings are to me. I missed many many years of them and now never want to take them for granted. Our family is amazingly cool–far from perfect but super loving and accepting.

Lots of travel coming up for me. Missoula next weekend for rugby. Lots of the old teammates are meant to go so it should be fun. After Missoula I am back for a week and then off to London for work and Amsterdam for fun. Back a few days and then to Chicago for a day of work and weekend of fun.

Need to have fun while my body and bank account are not too broken down.

Work is hitting that point in the project now where the people are beginning to realize we have spent a good chunk of the time and money but have not progressed to the point where we need to be. The work ahead is almost certainly more than we can accomplish in the timeline allotted, given the size and maturity of our team. But we will keep pushing forward and either get there or move the date. The majority of projects have sliding dates for the same reasons—first the date was chosen arbitrarily most of the time. Second, nearly everyone underestimates the complexity and volume of the work required. Mostly because the software companies and implementation partners tell a grand tale during the sales process, which is 100% of the time bullshit. And this project is no exception. So after the tears and drama and hand-wringing we will eventually get the new system in and all will be forgotten and forgiven. It’s a common tale.

Meanwhile, we are working hard to improve our efficiency as a team. Last week, Mickey delivered a killer short version of the basic tenets of “the Oz Principle’ which has always been my favorite reminder that we are here to deliver what we said we would deliver. Most of our team has never been through this and so do not have a good understanding of the details and what it takes–so we are trying to educate and inform on the fly. Terrific people, just signed up before they had the whole storyboard laid out.

No other news of note.

This feature picture is of mom, Larry, Pam and Martin from last year’s mother’s day when we all traveled to Bardstown to camp and check out some distilleries.

And just for the hell of it, a picture from Holland with Shannon, Terri and Carla from our big trip two years ago.

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