Norman Maclean Country

Back in Missoula, as always, for rugby. But I never come here without reading Maclean. Eileen and I visited a local bookstore and I picked up a copy of ‘Young Men and Fire‘. I sat on the windowsill and read, while alternately looking out over the cloud engulfed mountains surrounding the town, while Eileen slept late. Later we went for coffee and then the bookstore and finally a nice drive up into the mountains on an old logging road in the rented Subaru.

The bookstore had an author signed 1st edition of ‘A River Runs Through It‘ for $2,000. Ironically more expensive due to a couple of copy edit errors that made it through in the first run.

I miss the mountains. There is a tranquility and peace here that is more easily accessible than in the more populated areas.

After our drive, we met my old friend Rick Pukis for a couple of martinis at Iron Grille. Rick is a cool old hippy who has re-invented himself a few times over the decades. He is by training a film-maker, but for years taught in Georgia university system and now is remodeling a home he bought years ago while living in Missoula.

A good reunion with two old friends, so lucky me.

The feature photo is taken from the window of the place I rented for our stay.

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