Deploy and Depart

Pre-deployment went reasonably well. Some late night work to resolve issues that had slowed data loads, but we got back up and running with minimal time lost. Most of the technical folks are late night workers, often staying until 3:00 or 3:30 in the morning. So they wandered in at 9:30 or so bleary-eyed and looking the worse for wear. Scott as always shows by 5:30 or so each morning and I try to be in my 6:00. We get work done while it is quiet.

I brought bagels a couple of mornings. Someone else brought muffins. We have around 120 people in total working around 12-18 hours a day for a week. Then we hit hypercare and not yet sure how that will go.

We started some controlled transactions last night (Monday) and had some snags. Teams worked on fixes until around 1:30 am and we then re-grouped at 6:00 to get started on some EMEA transactions. Same thing. Some snags. Some starts and stops. The lack of sleep is apparent and a lot of people are short tempered and cranky. But overall things are not terrible so it feels like progress. Slow, painful progress. Sonal is one of my favorite consultants. She lives in India but has flown in for the deployment. She is quiet and effective but she she does speak, she has the most beautifully lyrical voice I have ever heard. Her Indian accent is not corrupted by time in America and so it is pure and clean and somehow sounds cuter for the occasional error in conjugation.

This team is not optimized in any sense. We are operating more efficiently and effectively than we have at any time since I got here, but it is still by most measures a lackluster team. Very little sense of urgency and not nearly enough ‘A’ players to pull off what this organization has planned. But for now, it is heads down on what is directly in front of us and we will come hell or high water have the business up and running tomorrow.

We have another call yet tonight to made a final determination to go or not-go. Although no one really believes not going live is not an option. We have to push through. Only a truly catastrophic error would stop us now. We have not even made a credible roll-back plan. So we will see what sort of pain awaits us tomorrow when the entire company logs in to start doing their jobs.

The Premier team has finished their work and it went well. Very well. They are heading out and planning their wrap-up and celebration dinner tonight and were kind enough to invite me. I declined on dinner but will try to join them for a drink. Very nice to work with them. Anil and I are supposed to have dinner and catch up. I ran into Tina and her wife while waiting for Anil. Tina’s wife played rugby so we had a lively conversation about our favorite sport.

I am anxious to get back to canoe-building. But that will have to wait until the move is completed and I have the house and new job sorted and stabilized. I have some anxiety about the timing of all my activities. Work is obviously crazy at the moment. I will try to finish packing this weekend, then get to Cleveland early am next Monday and spend two days looking for a place to live. I start work at the Clinic on Wednesday. Back to Columbus to finish packing on the following Saturday and Sunday. And then orchestrate a move sometime before the 13th when I close on my condo.

I’ve Been trying to look at houses when I have a moment. I originally planned to rent for 6-12 months while I figured the best area to live in. Then I decided to go ahead and buy because rents are high. Now back to probably trying to rent. House costs in Cleveland are reasonable, but taxes in some districts are ridiculous.

So….more uncertainty.

But fuck it. Nothing serious–just life.

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