Super Sunday Hell

Early morning on Super Sunday. Nobody here is thinking about football. Data loads are on track from the overnight work. Anxiety level is growing as we need to start to bring the business back up tomorrow late afternoon. Everyone has different experiences about deployments and thus different perspectives. And those differing views sometimes collide in interesting and impactful ways. The strongest personalities and most vocal tend to get more air-time, but that does not equate to being more correct than other voices. Part of my job is to listen and moderate and try to make sure all voices are heard so we can arrive on a plan that is balanced and takes in to account considerations from many perspectives. There are a hundred things that mostly have to go right over this period to have a clean cut-over. They will not all go right, but if most of them do, and if the things that do not go right are manageable, then our support plan should be able to address them quickly. Overall, we have around 150 people on the team, give or take. Supporting around 1,400 users around the world. This is the largest and most complicated deployment of this new Oracle product line so far. The product is immature and still full of holes and defects which has resulted in our teams needing to create lots of work-arounds until Oracle gets around to fixing those processes.

So, it will be an interesting last week here. Scott is a rock star. He carries more water than anyone else on the team and is always there when we need him. Geeth has done a nice job guiding us.

Some pics from the team.


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