Damn! Feeling the love of Namibia and wishing I was there.

I’ve been texting with my young MYO alumni friends. They desperately want to experience the snow here that we are seeing and I really want to be there with them. Ndeshipanda asked me to write her name in the snow. I told her that her name was too long and I would freeze so she would have to settle for Ndeshi.

So it goes. I must plan my annual trip soon. Maybe July or August this year.

This is Ndeshi.

Anyway. Namibia is on my mind. Hence the beautiful feature photo.

New job starts on the 13th. Last days at Vertiv this week and next. Global deployment go-live next Tuesday. In spectacularly bad-fashion and timing, Vertiv chose this week to inform the entire Ireland finance team that they are to be made redundant and their jobs are moving to Romania. This is a team we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars training and who we are highly dependent on over the next few weeks to make the cutover successful.

I didn’t really need more validation of my decision to leave Vertiv, but this kind of monumental stupidity makes it clear that I am doing the right thing.

Still, I am committed to sprinting through to the finish—seems the least I can do. I will work the 7am – 2pm shifts on Saturday and Sunday as we ramp up cutover activities in the war room.

In between work, I will start packing the house. Condo listing for sale goes up tomorrow. I will only have a few days to pack and be ready to move when the time comes so shit is getting real. I packed up the bar and booze yesterday so no turning back.

Rather than a grown-up job, I thought about just going back to bartending. But apparently I would have to replace all my clothes with flannel, put my hair in a man-bun, and grow a beard. It would also help I think if I worked on my haughty stare and spoke only in short, curt metaphors in a cheap attempt to make meaningless drivel appear profound. And of course they are not bartenders but mixologists. Chemistry majors all. Maybe a little too harsh–but perhaps not. I’ve known some good bartenders in my time, including the best of them all–Johnny Goddard, and they don’t need those cheap tricks and costumes.

Trump crazy train continues to roll. And roll and roll and roll. Rolling us all back in time to darker days; increased fossil fuel exploration and production; decreased industrial environmental controls, belittlement of science and intelligence in favor of populist asinine rhetoric; clowns in cabinet positions; the deranged and dangerous clowns—not the fun and jovial kind of clowns.

It has been cold here, but snow has been lovely.

A few more Namibia pics as I am in the mood.



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