Friday January 25, 2018 – Cleveland, OH

Very laid back FNM at Lisa’s house in Westlake (West is Best!). After work and some driving around, and some drinks and snacks at at the Wine Mill in Peninsula, we had an excellent Ketel One martini at Lisa’s pad. Well, mine was excellent. For some inexplicable reason, Lisa put pickle juice in her martini as a substitute for olive juice; it was not an improvement.

Good night other than the beat-down I took in gin 13.

I always invite other FNM pics from around the globe and the crowd at The Royal Hotel in Amsterdam often indulge and never disappoint when they do. Here is Pieter with his new hair transplant–which seems to play well with the ladies.

The feature picture at top has nothing to do with this post–it’s just that I have been chatting a lot with MYO alumni and thinking about my next trip over. This picture is from when I was boarding to leave last year.

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