Wednesday January 23, 2019 – Columbus OH

Government shutdown, blizzards (midwest style), work anxiety and uncertainty, and final lingering effects of a cold.

That’s the week in summary. But of course ended with a good FNM with friends at Lizardville. Sukanti and Pete came along with Lachezar, Zach, and Nick from work. Mild night and I was home by 7:00 where I made a nice sirloin with black-eyed peas and onions.

Offer of employment came through from Cleveland Clinic which was nice. Good to have options. Vertiv is preparing a counter-offer but it will not be enough for me to stay. Compensation is not the primary issue. The main issue is that Vertiv simply is not a company that cares for its employees. They are very cut and dry and unapologetically focused on P&L; mostly likely preparing the company for sale. So the combination of uncertainty and general apathy towards employees doesn’t give me a good deal of confidence—especially as the general economy is long overdue for an economic contraction. So the hospital seems like a good place to land.

It’s been cold here. Very cold Monday and Tuesday—zero degrees or thereabouts. But this morning it is nearly 40 and rainy. I walked the hound and we were both pretty well drenched when we got back.

I had a realtor in on Sunday and she valued the condo. So now I am going to post some ‘for rent’ ads to see what kind of reaction I get. Then I can make a decision to sell or to rent.

Last day at Vertiv is February 8 and with the go-live on February 6, it will be a whirlwind between now and then.

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