Saturday January 5, 2019 – Columbus (home)

Long walk with Dela through the park this afternoon. I’m still suffering from this damn cold or flu or whatever it is. Lots of congestion, achy, tired. Sick is no fun but reminds us of our vulnerabilities I guess. Ironically, this weekend has been mild and sunny so would have been a great weekend to not be sick. So it goes.

Too bad my first post of 2019 has to be so glum. It’s so bad that I did not even have a martini last night. So starting the year with no FNM. Perhaps not a good sign about the coming year.

Since I was hunkered down at home, I watched some Netflix and YouTube. Good sequence from John Oliver about Trump’s wall proposal.

Oliver does a great job. Listened to a lot of NPR but news cycles are just repeating the government shutdown nonsense.

The little dog I think appreciates my being around, but I suspect she also wishes we were out and about more than we have been. But we will get our time back. Perhaps next weekend. I am heading to farm country tomorrow to have dinner with Ed-n-Rita and am planning to leave Mandela with them for a week. They love her and dad walks her little legs down to stumps–so good for her to get exercise.

No other news of note.

The featured image at the front of this post is perhaps my favorite picture of all time. I do not remember this young girl’s name, but when I return to Namibia I will find her and give her a nice big framed picture of this image.


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