Saturday November 16, 2018 – JFK

Back to Shannon. En route now. Good send-off last night in Perry County for mom’s birthday bash with family. Nice time as always although our food prep was a little off.

Work remains unsustainable for me with the 12 hour days and another 6 or 8 hours on the weekends. All for less pay than I made 15 years ago; the compensation erosion is real and significant. But what can I do. Quitting would likely just mean a repeat of something similar at a different location. So onward we march.

Anyway. Back to Shannon for what is almost certainly a repeat clusterfuck of the last time I was here. I had a very spirited debate with my bosses about the wisdom of continuing to stumble blindly forward and working from the same blueprint that has failed us to date and yet somehow expecting a miraculous outcome. The sheer volume of work ahead of us in the time we have makes the date impossible and that does not begin to take into account all the extra work we will have once we have another test very poor test cycle.

Anyway. Just work shit. The pace and intensity just means there is very little progress on the canoe or on my books, but for now just treading water.

I did get a few good days in the kitchen–in addition to the meals already documented in FNM, I made some good rye bread and chicken pot pies, which were really great.

Need to try to write more so when I am senile I can remember how lucky my life has been. Below is little Aneeka at her Kindergarten graduation. She looks tentative. She is registered at the good private school for grade 1, so that is good.

And a nice picture of the little dog in the yard after our first snowfall.

A few scattered pictures from the past couple of weeks.

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