Friday November 16, 2018 – Somerset OH

Big birthday bash for Rita and general Perry County round-up. Bruschetta, martinis, wine, beer, booze, chicken parmesan, salad, dessert, jokes, merriment and all around good-ole Myres’ brand of hillbilly madness.

Nice night, although a rare misfire on the food preparation among our gang of committed food professionals. I made the sauce, as I was contracted to do, which was un-fucking-believable. But there was some discord and miscommunication among the others and so we found ourselves for a while with chicken parmesan sans chicken. We found a few chicken breasts and carried on, but it was not our usual A-grade quality.

Except for the sauce–which was world class after 7 hours of simmering with a lamb shank, veggies enclosed in cheesecloth and a small pork butt and appropriate seasoning.

As always, a fun night with the gang. I had a good ole Tito’s straight the hell up.

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