Wednesday June 13, 2018 – Columbus OH (home)

Terrific mid-week meals are hard to come by. The 12-hour days at the factory just don’t lend themselves well to cooking extravagant meals. But tonight I took advantage of some amazing leftovers from when Larry and Terri were here last Friday. On the Friday, we had Bison ribeye steaks with salad and some other amazing things that are described here. The day before, we had pork carnitas with black beans and corn.

So tonight, I had the rest of the ribeye with the black beans. I cut the ribeye into small pieces and sauteed’  in a cast iron skillet with some spicy barbeque sauce. I put that on a toasted brioche bun with horseradish sauce, amazing French blue cheese and thinly sliced red onions. Un-fucking believable. Lovely. Amazing. With a nice Sancerre Rose’ and the rest of the black beans.

So we got three meals from the bison ribeyes. The main meal, breakfast burritos the next day and now this sandwich.

What am I but lucky as hell? Just before the meal, I sat outside with a nice porter and a cigar and now am having a bit of Midleton Irish. So yes, I am blessed with a good life and a dog that loves me to boot. Granted, earning the love of most dogs is easy. But not Mandela. She’s smart and elegant and gracious, but also demands something similar in return. She does not just give her love away for free. So she keeps me on my toes.

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