Tuesday May 29, 2018 – Home, Columbus OH

Settling in to the new job. Lots to learn. New technologies, new processes and a steep curve since I joined in middle of SIT 2. A lot of pressure on the teams and ultimately will come around to me once I am deemed as fully onboarded. My previously scheduled vacation time to visit France for Sebastian’s wedding is untimely but I am committed and it is the right thing to do because it will be fun as hell. Leave tomorrow at mid-day and back on Monday night.

But on this night, after work, I took the hound on a long walk and then settled on the deck with a cigar, bourbon, and Chris Rea. And the little dog is always around.

Occasionally I think I may be drinking a little too much. But then I view the dilemma from 180 degrees and think ‘maybe I’m not drinking enough’. And that makes me think that on balance, I am drinking just about the right amount.

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