Cincinnati – Flying Pig – May 6, 2018

An annual event. Myres’ and Souths’ meet and run some version of the Flying Pig Marathon. This year, myself, Martin South, Melissa Muetzel, Pam South and Ella (last name unknown) all did the 1/2 marathon. I had a pathetic 2:24 time but considering my training plan consisted of walking between gates at airports all year, I guess it is acceptable. Larry usually is our team leader but he was sidelined this year by injury. Shannon was in Boston for a medical conference.

Terrific time for all. Last night, we enjoyed a lovely carb load meal of penne pasta with vodka cream sauce and garlic bread. And, not helpfully, lots of alcohol. Larry and Melissa outdid themselves.

Afterwards, we went to Findlay Market for more food and enjoyed a few beers in the beer garden there. Then to Martin and Pam’s to relax and drink and eat.

Painful run, but otherwise lovely day. Great weather  and good family and friends.

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