February 16, 2018 – Trifecta from Tokyo


Once in a while, an opportunity to be part of something magnificent presents itself. Such a thing happened to me last Friday. It being a Friday and all, a martini was inevitable. But, on this day I was due to fly out of Haneta at 4:00pm for the 11 hour flight to Minneapolis where I landed, also on Friday, at Noon. I had 3 hours in Minneapolis and then the flight to Columbus, arriving at CMH at 6:55pm.

There is an old saying in our family that ‘The third martini is always a bad idea‘. But, spread over 6,500 miles, two continents and all of the Pacific Ocean, it seemed doable. In fact it was immensely rewarding.

Martini #1 – Friday, February 16 approximately 700 miles north and east of Tokyo over the Pacific.  A bare-bones Finlandia martini in a paper cup with no olive. Just like grandma used to make em. No frills. Just pour and man-up. I might have gotten a glass and an olive if I had been in business or 1st, but alas, I was in peasant class where I belong.

Martini #2 – Friday, February 16, Noon – MSP at The Black Sheep.  An excellent Tito’s martini; unrushed and with a surprisingly good pizza.

Martini #3 – Friday, February 16, 8:30pm – Smith & Wollensky, Easton, Columbus OH.  A good Ketel One martini with blue cheese olives. S&W is over-priced for the quality of food and service, but they know how to make a martini. Also, it’s close to home and by now I was very tired. I had a Caesar salad and shrimp cocktail with this monster martini.

#2 – at the airport booking my next flight before finishing this one
#3 – Ketel One Martini at S&W. My last martini of the day



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