With no particular agenda. These are just random photos of a business trip in February 2018.

I love dogs, and when I travel, because I miss my dog so much, or maybe just because I love dogs in general, I tend to gravitate towards them. These are some of my favorites.

And a great Steinbeck bit from ‘Log From the Sea of Cortez‘. This is John describing his friend Ed Rickett’s affinity for dogs and one of my favorite passages on this topic.

Ed had a strange and courteous relationship with dogs, although he never owned one or wanted to. Passing a dog on the street, he greeted it with dignity and, when driving, often tipped his hat and smiled and waved at dogs on the sidewalk. And damned if they didn’t smile back at him.

 John Steinbeck

Also, two pictures of my favorite bell hops at the hotel I stay at here. They always give me high 5’s when I am leaving or going and always have a big smile and are full of enthusiasm.

View from Shinjuku Tower Hotel
A beautiful family whose dog is obviously unloved
The only cherry blossom I have seen blooming in February. This is on my run route which winds along the river
This was the sweetest dog. Her name is Hana and she was out walking with the owner and the owner’s mother. We chatted for about 15 minutes. Really lovely and super sweet people. The highlight of this walk–they were just that sweet

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